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PossibleNOW Launches MyPreferences, An Enterprise Preference Management Solution

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Maximizes Multi-Channel Communications Through Centralized Management Of Consumer Marketing, Servicing And Privacy Preferences

Press ReleaseDULUTH, GA – July 27, 2011 – PossibleNOW, the leading provider of compliance and marketing solutions for direct marketers, announces the launch of MyPreferences®, a cloud-based enterprise preference management solution. MyPreferences consolidates the collection, management and reporting of consumer preferences from the entire enterprise into a centralized system that can work seamlessly with a company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system or marketing databases. MyPreferences is an evolution of PossibleNOW’s flagship compliance and privacy management solution.

MyPreferences goes beyond complying with privacy opt-out requirements by enabling consumers to designate how and when companies contact them. The solution helps marketers maximize the value in multi-channel marketing by tailoring messages that are relevant to the consumer as well as being compliant with privacy regulations.

“Most companies have limited preference management solutions,” explains Scott Frey, President and CEO of PossibleNOW. “These solutions are often decentralized, focused on complying with privacy opt-out requirements, and specific to one marketing channel such as email. Consumers want to control how and when they receive marketing messages and what information is important to them. However, marketing to consumers based on their preferences can create operational and compliance challenges that are solved through the MyPreferences solution.”

Frey continues, “In fact, we were among the first to use the term ‘enterprise preference management’ to explain what MyPreferences does. The MyPreferences solution does not replace an organization’s marketing databases or CRM system, but supercharges it, so to speak, and makes the preference data actionable. Companies gain the ability to communicate with their prospects and customers in ways that are relevant, compliant with privacy regulations, and that meet the consumer’s expectations.”

MyPreferences can also be used for account servicing in addition to managing marketing preferences. Companies can collect and manage their customers’ preferences for electronic bill or account statements or payment notifications.

Scott Hornstein, an international author, lecturer and marketing consultant, comments on what MyPreferences means for direct marketers. “MyPreferences is a marketing breakthrough. It is a pipe that enables each individual customer to tell us their marketing and servicing preferences. If direct marketers are listening, they should be able to seriously reduce marketing waste, of which there is plenty, increase the relevance of their communications and nurture a significantly more profitable and satisfying relationship. MyPreferences moves marketers closer to delivering the right offer to the right customer at the right time.”

The MyPreferences solution suite consists of five applications: Preference Manager which provides an organization with the ability to manage preference activities across the enterprise, Preference Center that lets consumers manage their marketing, servicing and privacy preferences through an intuitive cloud-based interface, Status Manager which uses the PrivacyPass rules engine to provide the current contact status of customers and prospects, Quickcheck which allows the collection and checking of preference data by field agent or call center personnel, and MyID that generates a unique ID for each person that ties customer records together across various business units.

PossibleNOW created a product web site for MyPreferences at

For more information about MyPreferences solution suite, please contact PossibleNOW at (800) 585-4888 or

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