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Preference Management: DIY vs Buy? Part 3

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This is the third in a five-part series on the critical questions any enterprise decision-maker should be asking as they prepare to invest in preference management.

Question 1: Are we prepared for the planning and governance demands?

Beyond the technical hurdles, there is a larger, often unforeseen obstacle – planning and governance. A dangerous misperception of preference management is that it is exclusively a technical challenge. Instead, it is as much a cross-departmental management initiative as it is a technical implementation.

Preference management is best facilitated through a cross-functional team responsible for defining the approach. At an enterprise software company, for example, this team often includes representation from marketing, sales, product support, compliance, digital services and more. Led by members with budgetary and personnel control within their departments, the work of the team is managed day-to-day at a staff level through shared planning and collaborative identification of challenges, goals and dependencies.

Most IT departments are ill-suited to earn cross-departmental approvals, navigate broad communications inventories and mapping, facilitate the creation of the business rules that govern preference collection for user experience and compliance or prioritize communications channels.

These challenges don’t stop with IT. We commonly see customer experience professionals attempt to treat preference collection as if it is the equivalent to the customer registration process. Customer registration is typically treated as a one-time event, where preference collection is conducted along the entire customer lifecycle.


Rob Tate
Rob Tate

As Vice President of Sales, Rob is responsible for growing the client base and market share and helping his sales team achieve their goals. He also develops partnership opportunities and industry relationships. Rob focuses on generating consistent results, utilizing sales and opportunity management tools and implementing best-of-class sales methodologies all of which have enabled him to build a scalable sales organization. He continually studies how metrics, leadership, culture, and innovation drive business value in the SaaS and marketing automation fields.

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