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Step Up Your Email Game

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Topic: Customer Experience

You’ve got a company you’re proud of with a great product or service. You’ve got hordes of contacts in your CRM, a beautiful website to showcase your business, and yet, you’re struggling to get people interested in what you have to offer. You’re emailing them and getting the not-uncommon metrics of having more unsubscribes than click-throughs. What’s going wrong?

I stumbled across a Forrester blog from earlier this year about how to step up your email game, and how the email practices most companies employ are set up to fail, simply by treating every recipient the exact same way.

Your customers are individuals and they want to be seen and interacted with as an individual. The trick is figuring out how to do that. Email marketing is still the most cost-efficient and timely manner to reach your customers on a regular basis. But with the “spray and pray” methods of blasting large groups without distinction, your customers are unsubscribing from you at rapid rates. That’s a shame because one of your products or services might be perfect for them – but they’ll never hear about it now.

Add that to the realization that your customer is receiving dozens of emails a day, from businesses just trying to reach them with content that might matter to them, and it’s no wonder people default to the global “opt-out of all future communications” options. They’re so inundated with content that eventually one email becomes the straw that breaks the camel’s back – and you’ve lost them.

You can’t afford to alienate your loyal customers. You’re depending on them to not only buy from you again, but hopefully spread the word about you and maybe bring in another customer. Referrals from an existing customer work far better than any “spray and pray” email marketing could. So how do you tailor your content to your customers and keep them in communication with you?

Let them choose what they want to hear about and how often to hear it. Use the enterprise preference management tool MyPreferences from PossibleNOW. PossibleNOW customers see an average of 60-90% fewer opt-outs. We’ve built our entire platform around keeping customers engaged; let us help you with yours.

Rob Tate
Rob Tate

As Vice President of Sales, Rob is responsible for growing the client base and market share and helping his sales team achieve their goals. He also develops partnership opportunities and industry relationships. Rob focuses on generating consistent results, utilizing sales and opportunity management tools and implementing best-of-class sales methodologies all of which have enabled him to build a scalable sales organization. He continually studies how metrics, leadership, culture, and innovation drive business value in the SaaS and marketing automation fields.

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