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The Potential for Personal Technology

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How personal can personal technology get?

Just a generation ago, the phrase “personal computer” was a valuable descriptor. Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine a computer being anything but personal. We’ve gone from bulky desktops to light laptops, progressed to sleek tablets, made our phones smarter and now access the internet on multiple devices a day. The newest way to sport a computer is on your wrist. It’s not just personal but wearable technology.

A December poll found that nearly 20 percent of American adults plan to purchase a wearable device in 2015 – that includes both wearable fitness monitors and wearable computers. And that particular tech purchase rates a higher priority than other big-ticket items like streaming media devices (16 percent), eReaders (15 percent) and 4K TVs (10 percent).

We’re continuing to make huge leaps in hardware innovations with products like Apple Watch and Android Wear.  Are brands maintaining consistent communication and personalized experiences across all of these new devices? Too often the answer is no.

For marketers, the progression of technology and the immersion of our lives with more data means that we should not only consider these devices another channel of communication, but another opportunity to cultivate meaningful, customized communication.

Preference management, the active collection, maintenance and distribution of unique consumer characteristics, such as product interest, communication channel preference and frequency of communication, are integral in capturing consumers’ attention and imagination on their newest devices. With technology literally less than an arm’s reach away, the potential for engagement is limitless. Brands will be able to get personal feedback by the minute, and this tiny hub of information can be a powerful catalyst for conversation between consumer and company.

How personal can your company get with a consumer and their wearable technology? 

About the Author: 

Robert Galop is the Senior Director of Product Architecture for PossibleNOW.


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